Pics please
We always want to see the new chickenies!
I love Brahmas! I have two bantam brahmas and I love them to death:) One of them is so shy and timid, and the other is loud, fast, and she makes the weirdest noises when she's angry.
Good luck with your girls!
Good luck with them, I love mine. I have a dark brahma rooster & he is the best. I am considering getting some brahma pullets this year. He is just so much larger than the other hens....lets just say I not only feel bad for him, but I feel bad for my hens as well.
I have a new color of brahmas exculsively to mamas brahmas farms we just had our first hatching and we are very proud to announce they are blue and lemon blues they are simply gorgeous and are full blooded they are our new bloodline the Priest/Anderson line and we are going to have babies available next year and are taking orders for them now. We will be offering for a short period of time hatching eggs for the blue exculsively. Thanks we are just tickled pink and they are so pretty color blue.

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