Brand name or store brand?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by jjdward, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. jjdward

    jjdward How bout them DAWGS!

    May 4, 2009
    Buchanan, Georgia
    What are some things that you and your family have to have the "name brand" of? Mine are:
    Blue Plate Mayo
    Kraft Cheese

    My other "pet peeve" is milk. I don't have to have brand name but I just can't drink milk if it is close to being old.
  2. Bedste

    Bedste Chillin' With My Peeps

    Aug 17, 2009
    Cut n Shoot Texas
    some store brands taste watered down....some don't. I will try anything once.. but that is it.
    Helmans Mayo.... Ice Cold Cold MILK.... and noname unsalted real butter.... o yea and REAL half and half with my REAL coffee.....
  3. Southernbelle

    Southernbelle Gone Broody

    Mar 17, 2008
    Heintz ketchup
    Cattlemans BBQ sauce
    Claussen dill pickles
    Mountain Dew
    Rice Krispies
    Marie's Thousand Island Dressing
    Duke's Mayo

    DH insists on Texas Pete hot sauce

    Everything else is generic: canned fruits and veggies, flour, sugar, pastas, other cereals, soda, snacks, milk, juice, spices, medicine etc...
  4. Whispering Winds

    Whispering Winds Chillin' With My Peeps

    Folger's Coffee
    Miracle Whip
    KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce
    Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, one or the other

    That is about all I can think of, because most of the store brands are pretty good. I like good ketchup, but found that Aldi's is pretty darn good, and so much cheaper.
  5. The Chicken Lady

    The Chicken Lady Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 21, 2008
    West Michigan
    I have to have real Pop-tarts. Other than that, I'm not too picky. DH is definitely better at telling taste differences between brands than I am.
  6. DuckLady

    DuckLady ~~~Administrator~~~BYC Store Support Staff Member

    Jan 11, 2007
    NE Washington State
    Folgers or Pleasant Valley Farms coffee
    Kraft Mayo
    Campbell's soup
    Sweet Baby Rays
    Orville Redenbachers popcorn

    Ditto on the PopTarts.

    The ducks prefer the store brand cheerios, but will eat real Cheerios if they are on sale.
  7. goobhen

    goobhen Chicks Rule

    Dec 6, 2008
    KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce
    Hellman's Mayo
    International Coffee Creamer, no generics!
    Coffee Mate
    generic wheat bread okay
    no generic white bread though
    Dawn dishwashing liquid, allergic to some generics, don't want to figure which ones! Rash on arms, no more!!
    Shampoo, doesn't matter, love Sauve!
    no generic toilet paper, except for Meijers premium brand is fine!
    Some generic cereal okay, others forget it.

    Most things I will do store brand, love Marsh 2% or 1% milk, don't like Dean's

    My other "pet peeve" is milk. I don't have to have brand name but I just can't drink milk if it is close to being old.[
    are you sure you are not my DH's long lost sister? He is the same way!! Theresa
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  8. MandyH

    MandyH You'll shoot your eye out!

    Borden cheese slices
    Blue Bell homemade vanilla
  9. Camelot Farms

    Camelot Farms Chickenista

    Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    Hellmans Mayo
    Jif PB (for baking, sandwiches can be generic)
  10. Hippie Chickie

    Hippie Chickie Chillin' With My Peeps

    Mar 24, 2009
    Port Orchard
    Lay's potato chips with ridges. I got the store brand once on sale and ended up throwing them away. [​IMG] I figure that since I only buy them a few times a year I might as well get the real thing.

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