Brand new at this and looking for a couple of little bantam hens.


6 Years
Sep 24, 2013
Camano Island, WA
Hi. I am brand new at caring for chickens and only got involved when I fell in love with a little bantam hen who was being grievously abused and prevented from getting at the feed and water by the other hens, all of whom were much larger. Our neighbors, who have the flock, were seriously concerned for her, and were talking about finding her a new home. That's when I volunteered to take her. We just put together a chicken coop from a kit we purchased, and set up a small pen area to extend her space. I don't know what her breed is with any certainty--only that she looks like a picture I found that was labeled Bantam Blacktailed Buff Dutch. She's the sweetest little thing, and I would love to add a couple of other bantam hens so that she's not all alone, especially through the coming winter months. I think I would prefer to get a couple of little silkies, since I've read that they tend to be very sweet and gentle. But I haven't been able to find anyone in our area (Camano Island, WA) who has them. If anyone knows of someone I can check with, or has any other suggestions, I could certainly use and would more than welcome the assist.

If you would kindly post a photo we might be able to tell you.

I have had bantams. I love the little eggs! They are so much fun! I have had bantam cochins and bantam Easter Egger Roosters and I some how inherited a bantam leghorn Roo who showed up one day and lives in a tree but dines with the other roos and is well tolerated. I have had him for a year now so it is all good.

My bantams made excellent broody hens.

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Have you tried Craig's List? I hear there are often chickens for sale on there. You can also look in our Buy ~ Sell ~ Trade section and you may find something in the Chicken Breeders & Hatcheries, though those would likely be chicks/eggs. Good luck with her some buddies!
My sincerest thanks to everyone who has welcomed me to BYC, and to each of you who have offered such wonderful suggestions to my initial request for assistance. I have checked Craigs List, and will be attempting to accomplish the other great ideas as well.
This is the little bantam hen I just adopted. I'm hoping someone will be able to tell for certain what her breed is.
Liz gave you a link so you could locate the Washington thread - they have a very active group of posters and it moves fast, so just jump in and hang on. I know they have some who breed silkies hopefully people who don't live too far from you. There are also swap meets, shows, meet ups, where you could find birds, eggs, whatever.

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