Brand new babies.... have worried Mom questions

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    My new babies arrived this morning! Four Wellsummers and four Easter Eggers (although we are only keeping two of each). One of the Wellies seems to be veeeery sleepy. I dipped all their beaks in water as soon as we got them home. She has eaten and pooped just fine. In fact, she will perk up and run around the brooder with her sisters till I can't remember which one it was that was sleeping.. and then a few minutes later I see her nodding off to sleep again, with her head down and practically tipping over. Should I be worried?

    Secondly, I had put leg bands on the four chicks that we are keeping so I could tell them apart from the ones that are going to other homes. They were doing just fine until one of the other chicks decided to peck the ankle of the one wearing the brown legband (I thought they would go for the red one!). Now that poor baby has a red spot on her shank. I took the legband back off so it wouldn't irritate the sore. Should I put something on it to help it heal? I feel terrible.

    Lastly.. I had the brooder temp at 95, but they all were huddling off to a corner away from the light. I moved the light to another spot and now the brooder temp is around 82 and they are running around all over the place. I'm assuming that I should go with birdie behavior and not the thermometer... should I readjust the light for nighttime though? It got a bit chilly here last night and the brooder is in the garage.
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    try giving a little sugar water and this will help boost the energy level in the little one. Some chicks are more tired than others and they may need a little more rest time than others. I haven't had baby chicks without a broody hen to incubate them and then care for them after they hatch so I don't know what to tell you about the temperature. I kept mine in the garage and never needed a light in the summer time. I did use a light in Mar of last year before when we got our very first babies. try to put a little blue-kote on the sore that the baby chick has on its leg to keep others from picking on it.

    Congratulations on you new arrivals!!!

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