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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by dasco, Jun 15, 2007.

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    Jun 15, 2007
    i am a first time chicken hatcher popped 46 silkie eggs in to my incubator and 21 days to the hour out they start popping every time i get six i transfer the fluffys to the comfort of the brooder for a snoozze 20 now so over the moon kids are rivited they are hatching a diferent color everytime time almost
    question they are in the brooder all cozy and happy i have in beside them chick crumbs and 2 inch deep dishes with water in them and large marbles so they can get the water with ease and without a drowning risk
    but they dont seen to be drinking
    and it is 100 under the light in a 50cm x 50 cm brooder (warm )
    how do the find the water i am worried about dehydration
    i read in another posting something about dipping there beaks
    if this is so would i have to do them all or a few as i notice they seem to follow each other about seems so insane to have the ability to bring 20 chicks in to the world and not have the answer to the simplest of questions but i have a great home and a good life for them ahead
    any help appreciated:)
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    Don't worry they are OK for at least 24 hours on the remaining yolk sac! Just dip each chick's beak in the water (you'll only have to do it the once [​IMG]) and they'll be away.. the food they seem to sort out by themselves.

    Well done on the hatch - we shall expect photos!! [​IMG]

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