Brand new chick own


Jun 6, 2020
I have been visiting this site often on my google searches for information about how to care for new small pullet flock of 7 soon to be 16 total as an order has not yet come in.

We have a variety of pullets as we have searched and picked them up as we have been learning more about each breed. We also will be adding 2 Guineas- Little nervous about this but we have many fox, two bobcats and lots of other critters out here.

I am a nurse married 26 years with 6 wonderful kids ranging 23-12 living on 2.5 acres in an old bed and breakfast I’m central IL . Two of my boys wanted to raise chickens so we took the plunge.... got a nice Amish made coop, just found a used dog run to attach and been raising our pullets in an old dog cage lined with chicken wire. So excited to be here and learning something new each day.

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