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    May 26, 2016
    Hi everyone! I'm brand new to this awesome world of raising beautiful baby chicks. I posted on another thread with regard to my coop and wondering if the size was appropriate. I was wanting to get some general advice... I've been scouring these message boards reading all that I can, but I still have some questions. Since I got the first two chicks, (I now have 6 thanks to chicken math), I've been giving them water daily that has 2 tbsp raw organic apple cider vinegar per gallon. Every day, it seems to have a bit of mold in the container. I don't know if it's because of the temperature of the brooder or if it's ok and not to be worried about. I clean it thoroughly each day and refill it. I keep an old gallon milk jug made up with the water at room temp, ready to go each day. I'm also feeding them non-medicated starter feed. I was told that the ACV would prevent the pasty butt and negate the need for medicated feed. Is this good advice? Also, should they be on medicated feed before transitioning them outside? Also, the chicks are now about a week and a half almost two weeks old, and I'm giving them chick grit and planned to start giving them organic treats at the two week mark. Again, would this be ok too? I have them in an old kennel converted into a brooder with a heat lamp shining in the corner. They tend to stay about halfway from the direct beam of light so I've backed it up a bit......[​IMG]
    I'm trying to spend more personal time with them, as I want them to be comfortable with me and come to me. If I lay on the floor and keep my hand out, they tend to come up to me out of curiosity and play with my hand. Occasionally I can pick one up and let it and put them back down easily.
    So I guess I'm just looking for any ideas and advice about what I'm doing and if I'm doing anything right/wrong. Also any advice in general would be so greatly appreciated! You are all so awesome and I love reading about your experiences!
    Take care!
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  2. You dont need the to give them the ACV.
    Sounds like things are going fine.
    On nice days they will love to go outside and start foraging and learning to be chickens.
    Mine live outside in the coop and run all day. I have 32 almost 4 week old chicks. I turn off the heat lamp during the day and turn it on at night. I provide then with stumps and a roost. At this age they all still sleep on the floor.
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    In my experience, pasty butt can occur in chicks no matter what you feed them or put in their water. I don't think the acv is necessary, just check their little butts daily and clean off the poop with warm water and q-tips.
    I always have my chicks on medicated starter to reduce the risk of coccidiosis. Perhaps you'll want to switch them over now, before they get outside. I prefer to use a medicated starter feed until the chicks are 4 months old. The anticoccidial medication in the feed doesn’t kill all the coccidia oocysts , but it keeps them manageable while the chicks develop immunity.The parasites can multiply to overwhelming numbers in the digestive tracts of chicks causing bloody or watery diarrhea, poor growth, and death. Good luck and welcome to BYC!

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