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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by angiegreenmcbee, Feb 27, 2016.

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    Feb 27, 2016
    I just picked up my 2 day old Cayugas cut with silver ducklings. They are super cute, and I love them already.

    They will be "houseducks," pampered pets. I've ordered my diapers!

    Please tell me EVERYTHING I need to know!

    What's the potential that my dogs and ducks can live together harmoniously? (The dogs are gentle with my blind squirrel). It's regularly 80 degrees outside this time of year--when can they go out? What if they don't want to eat? What's the best way to house them indoors? Do they need a "crate" area, like a dog? We bought them a toddler size pack-n-play. Can we take them to the park?

    Thanks in advance for your help--and for not laughing at my ignorance and silly questions!


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    Hi Angie! Welcome to BYC!

    There's a link below in my signature line. Clicking there will take you to a list of topics that are commonly sought out.

    Since a tragedy can happen in an instant, I don't recommend allowing your dogs to be within reach of you ducks especially when they're young. I have 2 lab mix dogs. Gentle and very obedient, but I've tested them around my ducks and I'm convinced they would gleefully have a duck for a meal given the chance.

    You can take them outdoors now in good weather. Just keep an eye on them. Until they are fully feathered (about 12 weeks or so), you'll need to make sure they keep warm. Most of their time should be spent in a brooding area with a heat lamp.

    If they're provided the proper food, they will eat. Starter crumbles (food about 20% protein) should be given and they must always have access to drinking water when they eat. Water needs to be deep enough so that they can dip their entire head. This is the only way they can keep their eyes and nares (nostrils) clean.

    Keep reading here and best of luck!!
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