Brand new SportsKate incubator!

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    Dec 16, 2008
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    OK, in between back spasms, I got the new bator built!

    I acquired for free an old Army filed ice chest. About the size of a chest freezer, double layer steel with insulation. My son, age 11, and I hauled the thing into the house, thereby throwing my back out. [​IMG] Stood it on end, and contemplated it from my prone position on the couch. [​IMG] It is 4 ft tall, 3 ft wide and 3 ft deep, outer dimentions.

    After 2 days of ice and heat and drugs, I started to venture off the couch for short periods of work. [​IMG] Thanks to Gatekeeper's suggestion, I added a box on top for the bathroom vent fan. [​IMG] Then I put in a metal frame and shallow wire baskets/ trays. These were left over from a bathroom remodel project. I wired a 3-light celing fan light fixture and a lower water heater thermostat for heat. I placed the light fixture on the bottom, slid a disposable aluminum cookie sheet in as a "shield" so I didn't cook the bottom rack of eggs, and slide another cookie sheet in at the top so that I didn't cool the top shelf of eggs. I did cheat and use egg turners, that were made for the styrofoam box bators, because I wasn't confident enough to rig turners. Luckily, I had a gift certificate, and fleet farm was having a sale!

    168 eggs went in tonight, and I have room for 1 more shelf of 48. I am also going to put a batch in my older bator upstairs, just to compare hatches. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now I want a fridge to make an even BIGGER Bator! [​IMG]

    Uh, oh! Why didn't anyone post a warning about Bator Making Sickness?!?!?!! [​IMG]

    I'll try and add pictures tomorrow!!

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