Brand new to chickens


Jun 6, 2020
Bethune South Carolina
Hi from Bethune SC. I got my 6 chicks 4 weeks ago. They are a variety of 2 California whites, 2 leghorns, 2 ASA Browns. They are currently in the coop my husband built for me. I love watching them grow into their own personalities. I am originally a city girl, but we bought an old horse farm and are making it our own farmette. No. No horses. My husband and I retired from health care. I found the "Backyardchickens" site while surfing the web for any information I could find about chickens. I was VERY green to the country life and wanted desperately to succeed with these cute cuddly little puffs of down. I was so relieved to see how easy (so far) they are to care for. And this place has so much information from experienced chicken "tenders". Thank you for this great site.

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