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Hi everyone. I have found you!
I am a Teaching Assistand in Dorset England and we were offered the chance to watch and incubate 7 chicken eggs as part of our Year 1 Life Cycles project. I was very excited as I love animals and I took the lead role. I was given basic instructions and on Day 20 we were rewarded with a beautiful black chick. I fell in love instantly, and waited and watched for the next hatching. Next day, a crack appeared in egg 2 and I watched with the camcorder as chick 2 emerged. How excited was I? More so than most of the children! The chicks stayed in the incubator for 24 hours and when they were fluffed out, they were reunited in their 'cage thingy' with a heat lamp etc. I watched and waited and watched and waited but nothing else happened. Today, day 24, one of the egg shells popped open but with no movement from chick 3 I was devastated. The children thought another chick was coming but I knew something was wrong and at 10.25am, we officially declared the chick dead. Every time I thought of the chick, it brought tears to my eyes and I told the children (who readily accepted).

I am so proud of the two chicks we have and I love them dearly. I need any advice on keeping them healthy as I know I would find it hard if they dont make it.

This seems like such a friendly and welcoming website and I hope someone can help me. PLEASE,
Don't get discouraged,.....I've had bad luck trying to incubate,'ll take a big hit sometimes,...othertimes, goes ok. I find it always works better if ya let a broody mom have at it,.......I think mother nature has got it figured out much better than us.

A lot of things like temp. humidity, position,..etc,..can effect the eggs and your mortality rate. Be happy you got 2 of 7 on your first
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Thank you sooooooo much for your encouragement. I truly am so happy with 2 from 7, I am just too sentimental and I feel really bad that eggs 3 and 4 didnt make it as I heard them peeping in their eggs.
We break up from school for half term tomorrow and the chicks are coming home with me and my 2 children so they will get lots of love and attention.
Would it be ok for us to handle them lots? What should I NOT do?
Ya you can handle them,......they'll be ok. Dont DROP them,

Ever seen how they get handled in commercial production,'s mean and cruel,...but it demonstrates what they can take. being gentle, should have no problems.
First let me say
. This is a wonderful site full of informative and helpful members. You may want to click on Index and go to the Learning page. It has information and basic advice for beginners. Mostly at this stage, it is just keep them warm, draft free with food, water and clean bedding, and safe from predators (including the family dog or cat). If you have questions, just log in and ask questions. Seems like there is almost always someone on here willing to lend a helping hand, a bit of advice, celebrate with you or a shoulder to cry on, if that is what is needed. Good luck and have fun!
Thank you SethJ and Crabella. I feel I have chicken friends already. No one I know seems to understand how desperate I am to raise these adorable chicks successfully. I am so pleased to have found this website tonight. Good old Google. Right, I'm off to bed, its almost 11pm here in UK, and I am exhausted from all the emotion!
I will let you know how my chickies are getting on. Keep ya fingers crossed for me. I promise not to drop them!
Thank you again.
ps. I am not a weirdo, just a hard working TA, wife and mother of 3 children, a dog called Dave, 2 cats and 5 guinea pigs and now 2 chicks!

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