Brand of Food = Amount of Eggs


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Has anyone noticed that different brands of food gets different results.
I live in KS and I feed all my animals food from Orschlens.
I was buying the layer food and my hens free range 24\\7.
I started noticing that with 30 chickens i was only getting 5 or 6 eggs so I naturally did all the things on hear about making sure the coop was clean and fresh water and i even gave them ACV to worm them.
None of this was working and we have had great weather (not to hot or to cold).
So I knew about Purinas Layena because I have used it before so I switched to it.

I am know getting around 15 eggs a day. I just wondered if anyone else has noticed this before.
Yes, we noticed that our chickens lay more eggs, and bigger eggs, when we feed the Purina. We've tried a blend from the local milling company, Purina, and Nutrena. Purina definitely makes a difference with our chickens.
Hey Kim, I just PM'd you. I may switch to Purina myself, if it makes such a difference. Does the Purina have any non-natural additives? I want to stay as natural as possible. Most of the feeds I find have additives I don't want. HenZ
So far, the Purina is the closest to organic that I can find locally. I got at least a dozen and a half eggs a day more when the chickens were on that. Then, we thought we'd try Nutrena b/c it was almost $2/bag cheaper, but still good quality. Eggs still not as big or as many...We're switching back to Purina for good after these bags are gone.

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