Brantford/Southern Ontario Surprize Hatching Chicken Egg Swap Meet


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10 Years
Sep 3, 2009
Burford, Ontario
I am organizing, without much success so far, a surprize hatching chicken egg swap meet in the city of Brantford for April 17th 2010.
I came across a similar one in Alberta and would like to do the same, but in person, close to home.
For a list of rules on breeds and sizes and more details, such as a meeting place, please message me.

The surprize would be to not tell your breed during the exchange, but must exchange contact info to ensure honesty. Certain rules are in effect to ensure you dont exchange a purebred standard dozen for a dozen mutt banties... will be as close to fair as possible.

Thank you

Mo Price

8 Years
Jan 19, 2012
I don't have Hatching Chicken Eggs but I am a Kindergarten Teacher in Brantford looking at getting eggs to hatch in my classroom. There was a local hatchery in Jarvis that supplied incubators and eggs that were close to hatching but they no longer do it. Does anyone know where I might get some eggs that are close to hatching? My neighbour might have an incubator for me to borrow.

Thank you, Monique Price

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