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I lost my BrassyBack rosecomb rooster, and can't find another. I have Brown Red rosecomb roo I could mate with my Brassyback RC hens...would it totally mess offspring up with this cross(would I be able to get Brassyback BACK)? or should I just get a bantam BrassyBack OE roo and start from there ? Any ideas ?
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You could get animals that look more brassy back than the ones you had.
But they won't be actual brassy back. The females could be completely black depending on what melanizers are in the brassy black hen.

If the cross doesn't work you could backcross to the brassy back mother.
You wouldn't have lost type or typical rosecomb traits then.
Is the Brassy back listed in the genetic calculator ? I didn't see it...maybe under a different name ?
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Just choose e^b or e+ and cha/cha and/or maybe Ml/Ml
This should mimic brassy back, but my pictures won't show that color.
You still see partridge, but the description sais otherwise.
It is not a common color. In fact we never see it here in Holland.
Brassy Back is e>+. Brown Red is E>R.
The chicks from this cross would all look like Brown Red.
If you cross some males from this mating back to the Brassy Back females, you should get some Brassy Backs. The striped chicks could be Brassy Backs or possibly BB Reds. This will take you at least 2 generations, but you would not lose type as much as if you cross to OE.

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I would like to expand on the information from POCO.

According to Jeffrey, brassy back are BBR ( wild type) and recessive black. What recessive black is I do not know. There have been a number of recessive blacks written about in the literature. I do not think anybody but Jeffrey has done that much work with the recessive black.

If you add columbian to a brassy back you get quail. Some side information for the quail breeders.

I would use the BBR. According to Jeffrey, the first generaton will be BBR. Then back cross the BBR offspring to the brassy back parent and you should get some brassy back. I would not use the black or the brown red.

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