Brave chick support!


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Sep 14, 2019
Guys, I have been coming to this site for a while to get ideas and insight from more seasoned Chicken Moms and Dads.
I have had chicks for 3 years and have learned alot and had 100% success .
I recently relocated my flock to my farm in VA and have taken on 6 new chicks.
Now things are not so good.
I just lost 2 chicks to a 4 inch rat...caught in the act. And one with a broken leg.
Please send some love and prayers to us. We are reeling.
Pain meds and antibiotics are supporting through the last 8 hours.
My vet is an angel!!! 20190914_150152.jpg
Hopefully chick recovers, I would try and figure out how it got in and if you can put mesh hardware wire around them on the inside of coop where you have them or move them into a safer location. Your location could help some of the more experienced people. Pictures of your set up and ages of said chicks will also be needed for the ones better at building advice and best way to get rid of the rats safely around your chickens.

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