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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by boss400, Nov 13, 2011.

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    Mar 7, 2011
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    My wife had 10 five month old Sliver lace Wyandottes we keep them shut up at nite and let them out in the mornning to run the yard whitch is fenced 3 arces. They have been let out for the last month with no problems until Sat. mornning i went to my shop to take care of my bitties and my dog Jinks was barking at the corner i ran out to see a big bob cat in the yard he jumped two hen and was killing them this brave rooster ran to their rescuse and got him off of the hens and the d&$%^ bob cat got a hold of the rooster as i was trying to get to them he took the rooster and jumped the four foot hog wire fence and in the cotton field he went. I ran to the house and got my gun me and Jinks started trailing him we covered the field no cat or chicken my wife and daughter came out and we found the rooster the cat had already ate the head off and was eating the back I guess me and jinks spooked him. I took the carcuss back to yard to use to bait him back with. We set a live trap where he took the rooster over the fence and put what was left of our brave Warrior in the trap at eleven pm we checked the trap and low and behold that &^%&$ was in there,well you probably know the rest of the story. It was a female bob cat 28 inches long and wt 40 lbs. Two hens he jump were hurt and one died this mornning Sunday the other is still alive now but hurting. I am a Taxidermy so she will be mounted and displayed in my shop.

    I will not put a pic up of cat up because it would be in bad taste i hated to do it
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    Awe I'm sorry to hear that!! [​IMG] He did his rooster duties till the end poor fella!!
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    Very brave rooster- one hen is still alive because of him, and the bobcat might have continued after others if the rooster hadn't stepped up.
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    I've had to deal with predators before and never really enjoy any part of it. It's not the predator's fault, just the way it is.

    As harsh as it may sound, if a bobcat that size found your flock, that was probably not a bad result. I've done worse with a fox. You did the best you could and that bobcat is stopped. I think you did pretty darned good with the hand you were dealt.
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    I'm so so sorry. [​IMG] Poor chickens. That rooster is one of a kind. I have two SLW and caint wait till they grow up. That was one brave rooster. [​IMG]

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