Brawl in the hen house.. hen down.. but not out..advice wanted ..

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  1. I am a new chickener . Anout 4 days ago I went out to feed the gals and when I opened the henhouse door it looked like a massacre had gone on, blood everywhere and all my gal blood splattered. my one gal, Zombie Ethel, had been pretty beat up. her left shoulder area has had the skin torn back and her head was pretty pecked up. looks like hell, I can see her shoulder/wing ?? bones. her comb is pretty rough and parts have turned white and seem to be leaking some clear fluid. She is not eating, but is drinking water. sleepsmost of the timebut walks about a bit. mostly sits in her nest in my kitchen and sleeps.My one rooster, Big Ethel, has come in and sits by her. I really don't knowmuch about chickens or birds, but what I have learned the last 10 months. I live in southern Canada, on a farm in the prairies. NOt sure how to proceed, or if I should just keep her warm and safe and watch and see.. All my chickens are named Ethel, with nicknames added as they present themselves. Zombie Ethel is named that as the boyz were kinda rough on her before I realized that was mating when they jumped on her and tore the skin off her sides. I seperated the sexes after that.. lol.But I have grown rather attached to my birds. The eggs are great the 2 I ate wee great, but... but... they are becoming pets.. lol any advice on helping my gal get better would be fantastic. I aint gonna be pulling the plug until its the only option. thnx in advance
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    Can you post pictures of the wounds? See if you can get her to eat some scrambled egg. Or wet a little of her feed & make a mash. Worth a try
  3. looks like a columbian necktie.. got a couple pics . I will post straight away. I only have my crappy web cam so they arent the best quality.
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  4. a little learning curve on the forums . and posting it seems . bear with me plz.. :)
  5. She looks at food but wont try it I made a mash but no go she seem to just want water
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    Is all of the injury around her neck? I'm wondering if you don't have a weasel. What is your coop size? How many males in that coop, and how many birds total?
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    Can you get some poultry nutri-drench into her? Make some home made electrolytes or pedialyte, and put extra sugar in it. Give her some raw egg. Put some triple antibiotic on her wounds.
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    It doesn't look like a pecking order issue to me. Could be a rodent or other predator attack.

    Could also be that she was wounded by whatever attacked, and the other birds picked/pecked at her sores. They will sometimes cannibalize because they have a tendency to peck at red. And blood is red.
  9. nope the coop was sealed up, the roosters were sleeping outside by the coop in theircubby hole. all the birds were splattered and bedraggled.saw no footprints aroundthe coop. The coyotes were howling around quite a bit that night so it may have startled em. and a riot ensued. thereare lightsin the trees aboout the coop and I keep a radio playing in the greenhouse next door to em. My dogs have an open dogie door so they rip out at night and bark at stuff, they do seem to "patrol" the chickens area as well, my cats kinda look after em too..
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  10. My coop and area where the chickens live. It aint much but its mine and I actually built it all. Which isn't saying much ;)

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