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    The Brazos Valley Poultry Club was founded in 1983 to support and promote exhibition poultry in the Central to Southeast Texas area. Over the years we have put on many poultry shows, educational meetings and gatherings. We currently put on the Bluebonnet Classic Poultry show in College Station, which has become one of the largest poultry shows in Texas. At this show, we have an Open and Junior show along with a Backyard and Egg show. A few years ago we added a Pigeon and Gamecock show along with exhibits and a sales area. We have the best poultry raffle and Auction around that is hugely popular. So you can see that we have something for everyone. This is a one day show in January in what we consider the best show barn in Texas.

    If you love poultry, waterfowl or Turkeys and are interested in an occasional semi-formal meeting on Saturday afternoons at some of the member’s homes to discuss poultry matters, club matters and visit other poultry yards then please contact us.

    DAN DYKES 979-836-3151

    BOB CHOATE 512-273-2010
    [email protected]
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    Thank you Dan for helping me to find Light Brahmas......have two pullets now. Really need help in two weeks or so to pick out the roosters in my 9 Black Copper Marans. If there is someone in my area that would be available, please have them call me at 979/690-7179. Many thanks.

    New to chickens,

    Mary Latimer:)

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