Break in the weather! Lavender & split Ameraucana LF

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    Its been cool enough for a couple days to save some eggs up. I have a lovely black hen from one of the Garners (the one that retired from ameraucanas) in my lavender pen that is FINALLY laying. There should only be two or three of her eggs in there., the rest will be pure lavender.
    These chicks will be 100% Shaffer and 50% Shaffer, 50% Garner. This is for 10 or so eggs to ship out Tuesday.

    I should have some blue wheaten eggs available as well if you'd like a couple as extras let me know.

    I wrap my eggs with great care, and we have had awesome hatches from Florida to Alaska and everywhere in between.





    I use the big number 7 box. I really believe the eggs do best in it.
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    [​IMG] Very Pretty............some day.............[​IMG]

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