Breakfast or Egglaying?

Jun 14, 2021
Well, as usual, I prepared their breakfast most of them time, the rest of the day they will have some free foraging time and always access to their feed and water.

Today's special, I used the pan (no oil)to dry the shrimp heads and shell, then crushed them, oregano, leafy green, apple, carrot, whatever leftover but safe for them together with food processor.

I always call their names if any isn't in the run, because their sisters have no empathy, whoever is laying an egg will have no chance for breakfast.


So, today is the second time, one Leghorn ran out of the coop when the rest already started eating, 30 seconds later, she went a bit aside and looked she needs a toilet immediately, and then came the egg of today :lau (of course she didn't care about the egg....went back to eat right away)

Do your hens also do so from time to time?

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