Breakin' Broodies!??

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  1. I have four cochin hens (standards) and THREE of them are broody. I gave up on my GL about a month ago and let her sit. She hatched out some chicks and has been an excellent mama bird…However, now BOTH of my lemon blue cochins are wanting to sit and they are VERY stubborn about it—including pecking the crap outta my hands when I try to move them. Having BOTH of my hens sit means no eggs! And I have lots of folks on my waiting lists who are eagerly awaiting eggs…

    I’ve moved them outside (picked them up & taken them out to the runs). One will just sit there for about ½ hour and then look confused and wander back to the coop. The other one will eat/drink/scratch for a few minutes and then sprint back into the coop and get right back into the box. I’ve taken all the eggs away and still, no difference. I've also moved them to a new coop within the last two weeks. It does not seem to matter.

    Any suggestions on how to break of them this?
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    Put them in a wire cage, no nesting material at all, just wire. Give them food and water. I think I've read to keep them in there for several days up to a week. Maybe that will break their spell.
  3. Quote:I can maybe manage that! Thanks!

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