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    Apr 16, 2017
    So I don’t own a wire dog crate. The only crate we have has a plastic bottom. Is there any way to break a broody without a wire dog crate? It’s our black silkie (in my picture), this is her second time going broody. She is ridiculous right now. I let them out of the run this evening to free range for the first time all winter. I had locked them out of the coop for the afternoon (everyone had laid already), they were fine out in the run. My black silkie kept going to the pop door wanting to go in. After maybe 5 min of free ranging this evening, she was at the run door wanting in and pacing in front of it.
    I do not want to hatch eggs, so that’s not an option. Should I just buy a wire dog crate for these times? Or is there another way?
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    There are many ways to break a broody without using a wire dog crate, some of which include:
    1. Lock her out the nest box/next area
    2. Place a bag of ice under her
    3. Soak her belly in cold water

    Also collect eggs several times a day.
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    Apr 16, 2017
    Thanks. We aren’t letting eggs gather in there. It’s hard to lock her out but let the others in. I guess I could block off part of the coop for her.
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    Mar 11, 2018
    I’ve had luck with just taking them out of the nesting box and locking them out of the coop for a day. It makes them really mad and it gets loud!!! But it’s always worked. Definitely pick up the eggs ASAP. I like to leave a ceramic egg so I can know if we have a snake getting eggs, but sometimes with these broody girls I can’t even leave those in the box!
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