Breaking broody hen with keets and poults possible?

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    Jul 19, 2015
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    I have an old english game bantam hen that has been broody for a few weeks now. She is my third broody this spring so far. The other two are now raising chicks in my outdoor brooder, and I am very happy with that as it seems like the optimal way to raise chicks (with a mother and outdoors). So, I have seven guinea and three turkey eggs in the incubator due to hatch this Saturday and was thinking of giving her (the OEGB) the keets and poults. I don't know if size will be an issue, or if she even has the temperament for mothering (luckily my other two hens have been very good mothers to their chicks). If you think I shouldn't even try it, I will do the dog crate thing, I just wanted to see if this is an option. I was originally going to have my turkey hen brood them but she was killed a few weeks ago by a fox. I love that my chicks are being raised by the hens so I would be happy to have a "momma" for the keets and poults and also break her broodiness at the same time. Any advice is appreciated.
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    Give it a try when the keets and poults hatch. Monitor closely, but she may very well adopt them.

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