Breaking Chicken Boredom!!!

chicken farmer

10 Years
Feb 7, 2012
Keeping your chickens happy,stress free,and NOT bores is fun and important. You should always make shure there is enough coop and pen room for all your chickens and enough nestboxes for all the hens. You should have about 4 nestboxes every 10 hens and make shure there is no overcrowding. Make shure theres enough room for every chciken to roost at night happy and comfortable. Make shure to always keep your coop clean and collect eggs daily inless you want to have a broody hen. Keeping chickens happy,you can put stumps,logs,roosts,rocks outside in the chicken pen,hang heads of lettuce or other fruits and vegtables, let your chickens free range every once in a while. Make shure if you have 2 or more roosters they are not fighting consantly and causing stress. Lower stress by keeping loud work and comotion away from the coop and pen,and if you ahve just hens consider getting a rooster because he will be the "look out" for the hens and will make the hens feel %100 more safe with the rooster on the look out crowing and watching.Just dont chase them or make too much noise around them,dont over crowd,feed treats,make shure there are stumps or somehting they can jump up on and see from a "birds eye view" and be happy. Dust bathing is also somehting chickens love and keeps mites and lice away,they can dust bath in dirt,sand,wood ash(with no gas or lighter fluid on it) and other things......................ANYONE post pictures,more options and other things to keep chicks happy and stress free because I only typed a few things for this..........if you have ANY questions please ask....thanks and have fun.

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