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    Ill. police take aggressive rooster into custody

    Posted: Today at 2:53 p.m.

    BENTON, Ill. — A rooster played chicken in the wrong town. That's the word from the downstate community of Benton, where police took a rooster into custody after it allegedly confronted a woman and her child. Police Chief Mike O'Neill said the rooster has been bothering people lately, trying to keep them from getting where they want to go.

    O'Neill said officers had enough on Monday and took the rooster into custody after what he described as a brief scuffle.

    Nobody was injured and the rooster was thrown in an enclosed area near the police department. There, it lived on chicken feed and water until police located the owner.

    Chickens aren't allowed to live in Benton and the rooster was turned over to the owner only after he promised to find it a new home in the country.

    i just found this in the news, thought ya all might want to see it.
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