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  1. I have a chick that has been hatching. It was halfway zipped and I checked on it, but it was crusted over. It looked like the chick had busted the yolk. So I helped it out and cracked the shell the rest of the way. It immediately went to kicking and trying to push itself out. It was covered in this gooey film. I didn't pull, but I could tell that the hole in the abdomen had a little left to close, about the size of the tip of a ball point pen. I've never encountered this before and dont know exactly what to do. The chick has pushed itself half way out and the bottom of the shell is still there. It seems really strong all things considered, its a fiesty little thing.

    Has anyone ever encountered this? What was your experience?
  2. crickets....
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    I hope somebody answers. . .I have a couple of ducks like this that hatched today. . .I have read several posts concerning ducks that haven't completely closed, and it sounds like they usually do fine and close on their own if you leave them in the incubator. . .this is mainly a bump tho so somebody else can answer. . .
  4. Christopher.

    i'm wondering what has happened with your chick. The gooey film your talking about may be the inner membrane. In chicks that fully form and pop out on their own *i believe* it get absorbed. But on early hatches, and those chicks i have helped out, that gooey film covers the chick. On super early hatches you can see the blood veins still in that membrane.

    It isn't ideal to have a chick hatch with an open umbilical area, but they can survive. i posted recently about a chick who had a way big open abdomen here: but she's doing fine now.

    Hope your chick is okay.

  5. Well the chick survived. The abdomen was closed within an hour of me helping it out. This morning it is running around in the hatching tray and is "normal" for all other purposes. Its down is very clumped together and looks almost like I rubbed hair gel in there and let it dry.The inner membrane was clear of any veins or blood vessels when I helped it, and I assume it absorbed all it needed to, as it is very feisty and energetic this morning.
  6. Here is the chick that hatched. I guess maybe he didn't break the yolk, but I dont know...


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    I have had them hach like that on occassion. I believe they are referred to as "sticky" usually within a day or 2 they will fluff. I had one I actually had to "bathe" a little at a time . Just watch the other chicks so they don't pick at it. I think it is too much moisture in the membrane but not 100% positive on the cause.
  8. CAN you bathe a chick? That was going to be my next question....
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    I have had chicks hatch like that. I call 'em "sticky chicks" and the sooner I rinse them off the better they do. The trick is to get the water just the right temp. I shoot for 100 degrees and just soak all that junk off of their down and wrap them in paper towel after paper towel until they are nearly dry, then just wrap them in a dry towel and hold them close, inside your hand wrapped up in the towel until they dry off. They should fluff up great after that. It is just SO importnt to make sure they don't get chilled during the drying process, or the water is not too warm that you are rinsing them off with.

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