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Breast cancer: Q&As "URGENT"

Discussion in 'Family Life - Stories, Pictures & Updates' started by chilling in muscadine, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. chilling in muscadine

    chilling in muscadine { I love being disfunctual }

    Jun 8, 2008
    muscadine, al.
    What would do if you were told you have breast cancer and at your next appointment
    that is on Jan. 6th you would discuss whether to take the lump or the whole breast. If this has happened to you and you wouldn't mind sharing your story with me it would be greatly appreciated. I'm in a fog after finding out today. I feel lost and alone. I need some advice from women that have gone through it. Thanks,

    SARA [​IMG]

  2. TipsyDog

    TipsyDog Songster

    May 14, 2009
    Aregua, Paraguay
    I'm so sorry. I will say a prayer for you that it all works out well! [​IMG]
  3. redhen

    redhen Kiss My Grits... Premium Member

    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    oow sweetie, i'm so sorry. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Cindiloohoo

    Cindiloohoo Quiet as a Church Mouse

    Dec 19, 2009
    Southwest TN
    It would depend if it were close to the lymph nodes or not. If it is masectomy. If not, just the lump. My aunt went through this and I went to all her chemo appointments with her for supprot. I am so sorry dear!!! That is the biopsy result right? Sometimes they are wrong if that's any consolation to you. God bless, will be praying for you! [​IMG]
  5. HorseFeathers

    HorseFeathers Frazzled

    Apr 2, 2008
    Southern Maine
    I'm sooo sorry... my mom had breast cancer (thankfully she is now well) and they were able to just get the lump.
  6. briteday

    briteday Songster

    Dec 16, 2008
    Northern NV
    It all depends on the type and size / stage of the cancer. Many smaller lumps of slow growing types can be removed successfully with a lumpectomy. The doctor will send the removed tissue to the lab while you are still under to be sure that he got it all. They may also take a biopsy of lymph nodes to see if it could have spread. If it was caught early and/or is slow growing, that could be the end of it. If the doc has any doubts you might need to do some radiation or chemo. If you have an aggressive form, the mass is large, or you have had it for a long time...then they may suggest a mastectomy, then possibly radiation/ chemo.

    Right now you have more questions to find answers to than we can answer for you. Good luck and stay strong.
  7. SeaChick

    SeaChick Songster

    Apr 25, 2007
    Southern Maine
    I am so sorry to hear this. If it makes you feel any better at all, I was dx at age 34, and that was almost 10 years ago now..... so there is hope!
    The decision about how much to take can't be made until you know more, I don't think. In most cases, you decide that based on what stage and grade the tumor is and what type breast cancer it is. Do you know any of that yet? Unless you've had a surgical biopsy, or it's a different type of cancer than ductal, you might not have all the info you need yet. Hopefully your doctor will be able to advise you better when you see him/her again. Speaking of which, I have a couple of thoughts on that:
    1) Please bring a loved one or friend with you to the appointment, someone who will keep a clear head and be able to WRITE DOWN what the doctor says, as well as make sure that you ask all the questions you have (write them down beforehand). It is so easy to be overwhelmed at that appointment. I dont remember ANYTHING from those first few weeks.
    2) If you are feeling like Jan 6 is too long to wait, don't be shy about calling the doctor's office and BEGGING for an earlier appointment. I was able to move my surgery up several weeks because I just couldn't stand knowing it was growing in me and waiting (I was diagnosed right before the holidays that year and they wanted to put it off till January. I called and spoke with several people in the office till i found someone sympathetic who was able to reschedule for before Christmas.)
    Again- I am sorry this is happening. Try to stay strong... we're sending you positive thoughts and hugs!

  8. Dar

    Dar Crowing

    Jul 31, 2008

    That would depend on how big the lump was... what do the dr's suggest?

    a mastectomy is evasive and not necessary a lot of the time. My mom was diagnosed with b/c last Aug (aug 2008) and it was in her lymph nodes she went through treatment and is so far clear [​IMG]
  9. chilling in muscadine

    chilling in muscadine { I love being disfunctual }

    Jun 8, 2008
    muscadine, al.
    Quote:Thanks all for your well wishes. The mass is close to the lymph node, really close but I agreed with the doctor. The night before I tried to find any close to there, Its kinda to close for confort.

    I've never know anyone in my position and really don't know what questions to be asking the doctor. I'm still in shock.
  10. Hoosiermomma

    Hoosiermomma Songster

    Jun 6, 2009
    S.E Ind
    [​IMG] So sorry to hear that. I will say some prayers all goes well for you. [​IMG]

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