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  1. cozycritters

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    Mar 4, 2008
    Tucson, Arizona
    So, I'm kind of freaking out and I'm laughing at myself about it, but it's still really stressful.

    I have a social phobia, which makes interaction with people very difficult.

    I have two small boys (4 and 2) and am 5 months pregnant. I got a virus last week and ended up in the ER for hypotension-- which we weren't able to resolve. I have what they called 'lousy vitals' (high pulse, very low blood pressure) and was told to take it easy.

    Which basically means that my house has been falling apart slowly in the remaining week. I've been trying to keep ahead of it and its OK for daily life, I guess, but...

    Our AC isn't working and DH called for someone to come and fix it while he's at school.

    So, my house is a disaster, a stranger is coming, and I have to handle it on my own...

    Plus it's *hot* and I don't handle the heat well (being pregnant I'm swelling up like a cornishX!)

    I told DH he owes me ice cream BIG TIME! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] I hate it when that happens. We had furniture delivered the day after a birthday party that went into the wee hours. They were supposed to be there at 1 -they showed up at 8 AM!!!! [​IMG]
  3. StrawberryHouseMouse

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    Mar 23, 2009
    Cleveland, Tennessee
    I know exactly how you feel. I get panic prone when Im faced with handling people alone and when Im faced with going out some where for long periods of time. I literly get sick cause on top of it I have IBS. Which is a stomach condition that is very painful.

    The best suggestion I can give you is to not think about it. Keep yourself occupied, take a hot bath and try your best to relax. I know thats not easy to do with kids. But think of it this way. If you don't, you can risk your health and your baby's which is still inside you.

    My dr also taught me a good breathing technic that helps you relax. Take long breaths in through the nose then slowly exhail through the mouth. Close your eyes while you do it. Just focus on the breaths.
  4. cozycritters

    cozycritters Chillin' With My Peeps

    Mar 4, 2008
    Tucson, Arizona
    I'm "being brave" for my kids (that's what I'm telling myself) and focusing on them helps... a little... I wish DH was here.
  5. Mandalina

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    Apr 1, 2009

    i have the same issue with ppl coming and freaking out. i hate even having to call ppl i dont know.
    mandy=chicken poo
  6. PQ

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    Feb 5, 2009
    Platina, Ca.
    Dont worry they are not there to look at your house just your air! They wont even recall your name by the time they are done with repairs. They come for your money! [​IMG]
    Just do the dishes and clean the bathroom as that is the places everyone tends to end up.
    Make cleaning a game for you children hide things at the bottom of the dish pile, behind the bathroom door and so on.
    If they are old enough offer a treat or something they like for helping.. soon you'll be cool.

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