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    "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!" is what you'll be able to say when you bring these exotic, rare breed chickens home to your roost! This gorgeous trio including one Splash Cockerel, one Blue Cockerel, and one Splash Pullet were this year's hatch, purchased directly from Greenfire Farms. These guys are curious, friendly and so colorful!

    From the GFF website (
    "Over the centuries breda have been called by many forgettable names -- kraaikops, guelderlands, grueldres -- that paradoxically were attached the one of the most unforgettable and visually arresting chicken breeds in the world. As one of our chicken wranglers noted at Greenfire Farms, breda are so wild and extreme in their appearance they look like they were designed for the movie Avatar. With their unique posture and gait, flowing tail feathers, and complete absence of a comb, breda are the sole inhabitants of an important branch of the evolutionary tree of domestic chickens. They probably served as a foundational breed for a number of popular breeds that were to later emerge, and yet it is hard to say that any breed to which they might have contributed is as exciting as breda themselves.

    The origins of breda are a mystery: Scholars debate whether breda first emerged in Holland, Belgium or France. We do know that breda were once common in the United States but began a decline after the Civil War and by the early 1900s were probably extinct in America. They have fared little better in Europe, and while small flocks of breda still exist on that continent, they are extremely rare. They are altogether absent from entire European countries. Greenfire Farms searched far and wide for the best breda stock, and with the help of a few international poultry experts we were able to locate excellent birds from some of the last remaining flocks.

    We have imported a number of breda varieties, and perhaps the most striking are the blue breda. These large and regal fowl visually dominate the landscape when allowed to free range. Greenfire Farms has established separate bloodlines to ensure the genetic integrity of this vanishing breed. After being absent from this country more than a century we find ourselves at a remarkable moment: For a few lucky poultry enthusiasts breda will once again grace the barnyards and backyards of America."

    Trio = $100; A Pair (Either Cockerel) = $70; One (1) Cockerel = $35. Cash or PayPal. Prices are FIRM, as Greenfire Farms sells day old chicks on average for $99 each! Serious Inquiries Only. Please Note: The last photo includes the Breda Trio's buddies -- the Greenfire Farms AUGSBURGER Trio that is also looking for a good home. See my other listing. Thanks for your interest! :)
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