Bree my new puppy (Anatolian Shepherd) PICS


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Sep 12, 2010
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I’ve been worried about my animals after Evie my current farm protector passes away. I wanted to get a puppy that she could help teach the ways of the farm and such. Dad was reluctant to get any new breed (he has always had hounds) but I felt that now having my pigs around to protect maybe we should get a livestock guardian dog. Well dad was against it at first complaining about the long hair and the stand offish attitude he had experienced at the animal clinic when dealing with such dogs. Soooo I found a breeder in Advance MO right next door to us and took him there to meet the Anatolian Shepherd breed… next thing I know I'm getting one for my birthday lol

Here is Bree my 7 week old Anatolian Shepherd pup

She is such a smart girl really I've already got her trained to a leash, now I'm working on getting her to sit for me before I open each gate... I thought Evie would teach her a thing or two but seems like this lil girl came with it lol

She goes with me as I take care of each of my animals like a shadow. In the chicken pens and houses, in the duck house, even in the hog hut and pen, she has be introduced to everybody. Even Gus my mini donkey said hello and was very nice (he dislikes anything dog) She keeps such a level head about it, very calm just observing before finally going up to get a better look.

This is her on the car rid home... she slept most of the way lol . She is sharing a pen with some of my chickens right (she was raised with free range chickens so she is used to them) but she doesn't really spend much time in her pen. We are always walking the fence rows or just hanging a round the pigs...

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Mar 11, 2013
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She's adorable congratulations and happy birthday too!

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