Breed? Also an added what gender


7 Years
Sep 28, 2012
I picked up theses guys in a swap and have absolutely no clue what breed or what age they are. Any suggestions? One is already crowing ( i know age is hard to tell) I can tell you I have Seabrights that I raise and these new guys are much smaller. I am just inquiring on the 3 dark chickens.

Look like Old English Game. You have two Blue OEG, and I'm not sure on the brownish one. They won't win you any shows (they aren't the greatest example of a OEG), but are pretty!
Thank you! I see that in them ( took me a aminute to figure out what OEG was) haha. Show quality or not they are loved where they're at now. Mutts are sometimes the best.
It must be hard to differentiate the males from females in this breed since one is crowing and they all are exactly the same, but without age it's hard to say anything.
Thanks again!

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