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    Apr 2, 2011
    Just starting out. Have been researching the different breeds and using the breed page was super helpful. What I don't understand is broodiness. We plan on getting 5 chicks from one of our local feed stores. We were considering an orpington and wyandotte for part of our flock, but on the site it says frequent broodiness. The personality descriptions are great (I have older kids 17, 15, 12). We don't plan on hatching our own eggs, so having a brooder is okay or not such a good thing? Should we stick to seldom or average brooding for the breeds we should get? Thank you. Can't wait to get started and get our baby girls. Linda vH
  2. punky rooster

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    Jul 21, 2010
    Hi Linda,
    In feed store/hatchery birds it is uncommon for them to go broody, so you shouldn't be worried. plus you can break them of it if they ever do.
    I think you made a a great choice of beginning breeds.
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    When I first started out I got hatchery birds, and the catalog said "moderate" or "frequently broody" - I honestly thought they'd take care of some chicks for us! Well, I learned otherwise. . . Orpingtons from hatcheries are known to go broody, but it isn't something to worry of. You can either remove the eggs each day or break her of broodiness and all is okay.

    Also, they won't hatch anything unless 1) you have a rooster around and 2) you allow them to sit on the same eggs for 21 days.

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