Breed and Gender Help Please! (EE's?)

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by MamaManda, Sep 19, 2012.

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    I have 2 chicks that were hatched by my Buff Orp Broody - but they were eggs that I got from a friend who doesn't know which of his 30 hens laid them. Their Roo is a Barred Rock, and if it helps, the dark chick hatched from a pale green egg, and the lighter one (Lavendar?) hatched from an off-white egg. They are both 12 weeks old.

    I have trouble getting pictures of this guy, as he's not really friendly. As soon as I saw those tail feathers pop up, I thought ROO. Any idea on what the Hen was?


    Here's the lighter one...he/she is about the same size as the darker one, but I really can't tell if it is a cockerel or pullet. Also very curious what you call the coloring and what you think the hen may have been.



    Obviously not a good face shot, but the best I could do on the tail from a side shot....


    Thanks everyone!
  2. BlueCamas

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    Aug 25, 2011
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    Looking at the sickle feathers (on the tail) and the really big red comb, the first is definitely a cockerel. Seeing how the second one's comb is just as red as the first's I'm guessing it's also a cockerel [​IMG]
  3. donrae

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    Both cockerels. The first one looks like an easter egger momma, the second one who knows? They both have partial barring showing through from the barred father. You'd have to know breeds available for the mother of the second and could then make an educated guess.
  4. ChickenExtreme

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    Jun 25, 2012
    EE Cockerels [​IMG] though, I agree
  5. MamaManda

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    That's the best conclusion I could come up with as well. There are too many breeds in the coop that the eggs came from to even guess. Darn. They'll probably be our firsts to end up in the freezer.

    Thanks for the input everyone.
  6. farmerChef

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    both cockerals.
    They both have beards, first is blue, second is splash. I doubt the barred rock is the only roo, to get a splash, both parents either need to be blue and/or splash. I would say they are both EEs,

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