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Is this a Roo?

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Jun 15, 2017
Hi everyone, thanks in advance for the input here... I have four chicks that are 9 weeks old. I was told by the feed store that they are 2 Ameraucanas and 2 NOVOgen Browns.

The NOVOgens look pretty much like they do on the website, but I am suspicious that the Ameraucanas are not as advertised, and also that I've managed to score a Roo. Attaching pictures here for your thoughts - again, thank you for the feedback, chicken experts!

2 more questions:
  1. Roos aren't allowed in Portland City Limits, and if ours was a loud crower our neighbors would be upset, however I'd love to have a flock protector as we've had problems with predation loss in the past... any chance some Roosters aren't all THAT loud?
  2. Our feed store apparently does not guarantee their sexing. If we did need to re-home a Roo, what do people normally recommend to find a nice home for them?


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