breed and weeks till laying?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Mrs. K, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Mrs. K

    Mrs. K Chicken Obsessed

    Nov 12, 2009
    western South Dakota
    Is there a chart that will show approximate age till laying by breed?
  2. Cats Critters

    Cats Critters Completely Indecisive

    Not that I know of, you might try a search and If you want you could try to start one.
  3. sillyaboutchickens

    sillyaboutchickens Out Of The Brooder

    Aug 16, 2009
    There seems to be so much variablity, even within breed, depending on weather, nutrition, health, etc. I have read most pullets begin laying by 18-22 weeks. All should be laying by 24-25 weeks. It would be interesting to gather data and compare notes. Unfortunately, we have only 2 laying pullets at the moment and we can't verify their exact age, but we believe they are between 21 and 24 weeks.

    Good luck!
  4. Farmlife4me

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    Oct 27, 2009
    Old Town, Florida
    Quote:I agree with sillyaboutchickens, right now we only have 3 hens laying (one is sitting right now) 2-silkies dont know thier age and 1 cuckoo maran she is 6mths. NOW , we do have 5 more hens around 7-8mths. who have not layed an egg yet . BUT we hope the others will soon [​IMG] .

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