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    Sep 24, 2009
    I have four pullets, about 18 weeks old. Three of them have been vying for position, but the undisputed bottom girl on the totem pole is my Welsummer, Lizzie. The other three shoo her away from treats, sometimes they won't let her out of the coop during free ranging time; when she starts to come out the door, they chase her back in. But she seems to get plenty to eat and I make a point of throwing treats close to her so she gets some before they squeeze her out. She seems to be healthy. But she's just a lot lighter than the other three, which are a brahma, barred rock and americauna. She's taller when she stands erect than the others, her wattles and comb are bigger (I expect her to lay first), but she's thinner in the body.

    My question is: is this a difference in breed, or is she not getting enough to eat, or ?
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    Breed difference of size. Some chickens have attitude so size doesn't play a role and that's not always a breed distinction rather an individual personality. Your Welsummer by breed trait is a good pound less than Plymouth Rock and 2 lbs less than Brahma.

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