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    I don't have my chicks yet, and that may be a good thing due to me being a researchaholic! haha! Plus being indecisive! I had my chicks picked out at local TSC. Red sex links. After reading some info on these forums, I am second guessing! I initially wanted Black Austrolorps but not easy to find in orders of just 6. I also have to buy 6 at a time. We are new to this and actually wanted to just start with maybe 3. Then after awhile get maybe 3 more. Another confusing question, how long does the average hen lay eggs for? With all the following considerations in mind, please recommend the best chickens for us! 1)They have to be confined! 2)We have children of our own, plus large family of kids as well as neighbors. 3)We want egg layers. 4)Cannot have roosters. 5)Prefer quiet, docile ones. 6)Live in Northeast with winter temps reaching below 0 at times with wind. And temps in high 90's in summer. I think that is all. Thank you all so much in advance. I want to make the right decision for my family!
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    Come on over to the Heritage Large Fowl thread.
    The folks are realy freindly. Lots of veteran breedes and judges willing to help you figure out the best breed for you and your family, plus! help you find a quality source for them. I am in western PA and understand your needs. There are others on HLF who lso lie in the same climate as you.
    Looking forward to seeing you there!
    Karen in western PA USA
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