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I swear I thought I posted this earlier, but i can't find it anywhere!!! So, here goes again:




I posted pics & got mixed opinions when they were smaller, so thought I'd see if I could get a definitive answer. I know the tannish/yellow/ orange one has green legs which I guess means automatic EE? My confusion lies with how chickens hatched from the same batch look so differently? Like, the black hen has slate legs, so is she not an EE? Are they actually different breeds? The hatched the first week of April if that matters.. (and no eggs yet!!! grrrrr)

Thanks in advance!
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If there still young they could be American Game or American Game cross ..
As for the color... Do you have parents or did you get the eggs somewhere? Do you know the color of the parents?

Thanks for the replies! Chris, they were "stray" chickens, found under an abandoned house. The person who found them said the Mommy hen looked like my black one.
The mother hen looked like the pullet in your picture? ( the color is a birchen )
If so I would say the father was a Black Breasted Red or something close to it..

I have a Golden Duckwing Rooster I have been crossing with some Black hens and been getting Black, Birchen, Golden Duckwing and some Sliver Duckwing..

Hiya, I was gonna post on your other thread but found this one since the DSL went out. Chris09 pretty much said what I had deduced them to be. I know you were also concerned about them laying so here's what I was going to say the other day.

Those look very much like American game type fowl. Especially the Black Breasted Red pullet with the green legs. They are typically seasonal layers, starting late winter through early summer. There's a chance that they didn't all come from the same hen or even the same rooster, perhaps several hens laid in a nest that was incubated by a single hen that went broody. It happens all the time on my yard with my free rangers. I can usually tell which chicks are the mama's and which are her "adopted" ones.

They are very nice looking, healthy birds!
This was previously posted. I remember thinking --that's not birchen! And sure enough NYREDS (I think) corrected that statement by identifying the black and silver girl as silver penciled.

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