Breed & Gender Help Please! (round 2)


9 Years
Apr 29, 2010
Thanks to everyone who responded to my first post! Here are a few more chicks that I'd love some help with. Again, they're 6 weeks old from McMurray's hatchery (I ordered the "special assorted bargain"). Thanks in advance for your help!

Nearly 100% sure this guy (named Duck) is a white leghorn roo, but I'd like confirmation. First pic is 5 wks old, next is 6 wks.

I think this an ancona (named Spot), and I'm guessing a pullet? Baby pic and 6 wks:

And finally, here's Laki the Lakenvelder pullet... maybe? Her legs look kind of green in the picture, but they're actually gray. And I wish I had better individual pics of her, but it's absolutely pouring outside, so I'm not going to the coop to play photographer right now

2nd from the left, taking a nap:

On the right:

Thanks again!

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