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7 Years
May 30, 2012
Hi All,

I'm a newbie to chickens (particularly chicks) and this site. We ordered 9 chicks from our local feed mill (2 straight run, 7 pullets): 2 silkie bantams (straight run), 1 welsummer, 1 wyandotte, 1 hamburg, 1 holland, 1 brahma, 1 salmon faverolle, 1 barred rock. One of the chicks died, which I kind of think was the wyanodotte, but not sure. Four of the chicks were "2 weeks" old (more like 3-4 weeks!). I'm really interested in knowing the breeds, if possible (I know the younger ones may be too small), and genders (particularly of the older ones). Any help would be appreciated! My husband doesn't mind waiting to find out, but I'm the type of person that just has to know! Thanks!

In these pics, the larger ones are around 6 weeks? old and the little ones are 3 weeks.

All 4 of the larger ones: Left--Unknown (roo??), Back-2 Faverolles, Front-Brahma

Unknown face shot (roo??)

Brahma face shot

Brahma body shot

Faverolle head shot

Brahmas side shot (photo bomb by the Faverolle on far right!)

Another shot of the Brahmas

4 of the chicks: Left and middle/back are the 2 silkies, the one in front is possibly a Welsummer? Unsure of the one on the right.

The last 2 chicks: the one in the back has a white spot on its head and a white belly. Unsure of both of these.
The welsummers that I got this spring all had that dark triangle on their head, but the brown leghorns that I got last spring had the dark triangle on their head and the same markings on their back.

I got mixed ages last year as well. The leghorns were older and bigger (we thought they might even be turkeys for a while???) They ended up killing 3 of my chicks and the rest of the girls that are in their tractor all have well healed but bare butts! I am hoping that when they molt (sometime this summer) that they will grow their tail and bottom feathers back. All of them (1 bany, 2 white brahmas, 2 brown leghorns, 2 red sex links) lay very well! I average 5-7 eggs a day from their tractor. An,d they are nice big beautiful eggs. If only they had their fanny feathers ;-)
For now I have the mixed ages together (except when I put the larger ones outside for a few hours) in a fairly large brooder, but I have been wondering if and when I need to separate them. The larger ones are starting to squabble with each other, but they don't seem to bother the little ones (at least, not yet). I plan on moving the larger ones out with my older 4 hens at some point, but I had read to wait until about 12 weeks.

Any ideas on the gender of the other 3 larger ones--all three pullets? Or is there another roo in there?
The "unknown" is a Speckled Sussex cockerel. Both the Faverolles are pullets and the Brahma looks like a pullet (so far...).

I would keep the 2 ages separate, 3 weeks is a large age difference for chickens.
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