Breed Guessing Game


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Mar 19, 2020
South-Eastern Montana
I thought it would be a little fun to play a game. I know what these chicks all are, do you? 5 are mixed breeds with pure moms. What breeds do you think the mothers are?

Note* only one is an actual purebred. The purebred does NOT share the same parents as the other 5
Note* I have found that chicks with feathered legs have mother's with feathered legs in this batch. Chicks with clean legs have mother's with clean legs

Father: 20200426_174051.jpg

20200531_090752.jpg chick 1:
Clean legs
Hatched 4/30
20200531_090841.jpg chick 2
Clean legs
Hatched 4/30
Frizzled feathers
20200531_091646.jpg chick 3
Feathered legs
20200531_091713.jpg chick 4
Feathered legs
20200531_092920.jpg chick 5
Clean legs
20200531_092949.jpg chick 6
Clean legs
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