Breed help for smaller chick with fuzzy feet!


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7 Years
Oct 12, 2012
Little Wilie is about a month old but much smaller than his (?) other month old EE companions. I am not sure if he is not getting enough food, or if he just is a breed that develops slower. He has fuzzy feet and the fuzzy top hat and a very petite face and beak. Any ideas for a breed? I am just guessing its a boy because he is always trying to go out on his own and conquer the tallest obstacles (however, I know thats not the best way to sex chickens but I cannot see the comb, and have no idea about feathering patters and I Dont know what breed he/she is) Any ideas would be great!

Yes, it looks like you are probably right. So the small size is ok for it then? it does have quite long wings for its body which made me think it might be a cross. I dont really care what the cross is as long as its ok for him to be so small!

Thanks for your help!

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