Breed help in 3 day-olds?


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Aug 24, 2009
Is it too early to tell? I bought a brown-layer assortment and I'm trying to figure out what all I got!
They are SO CUTE!

I've got most of them figured out, I think. Charlotte told me our mix had (looked like) Buff Orp, RIR, Speckled Sussex, Brown Leghorns, Barred Rock and Black Australorp. The Buff Orps, Barred Rock and Black Australorp I think I've got pegged, but could use some help with the others.


There's a good shot of the 3 I'm having a time with. RIRs are all red, no lines/browning/anything, right?


Are these 3 different? (I'd decided the black was a barred rock, yes?) Those colors are fairly accurate- some are brown-yellow stripes, some more black-white, but then some in between. A friend said the brown-V'ed chicks look like Welsummers to her. Thoughts?


The reddish one next to the buff orps, a RIR? Or something else? Same with the one at the bottom looking lovingly
at the BR, RIR?

Thank you in advance!
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They are beautiful babies... Good luck with them... If the black one has straight comb it is BR if it is rose comb it is Dominique. If you bought brown egg layers then none should be leghorn at all, as they lay white eggs.
Sussex will have the chipmunk pattern with white bellies. They take a long time to totally get their adult colors- but they will be sooooo pretty. Congrats on your new ones!
I agree that the ones with the V on their heads and the chipmunk pattern look like Welsummers...otherwise, dunno...good luck figuring it out!!

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