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Apr 24, 2015
Dallas, TX
Started off with three chickens but within the first two weeks and an unfortunate mishap, I am down to 2 chickens. They are so lovey, and every time I go in to give them fresh food and water, they like to fly out and sit on my shoulder or arms. I have a feeling that the one who likes to do this the most is a male.
The teacher who gifted the chicks to me believes they are Ameraucana chickens, but I've see a variety of different colors so I'm not entirely sure. So if somebody could help me with sexing that would be great! And if I do have a boy and girl, what do I do?




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May 19, 2009
Oh they are cute. If you have a boy and a girl, go ahead and let them mate and raise chicks if you want. They are probably not too related for that even if they are from the same hatch. Chickens have a lot of sex-linked genes which let them handle inbreeding much easier than mammals. As too breed really hard to tell from the pics. they look like they will be Partridge colored or Mottled ( Speckled). I am guessing from the head color ( brown) thy are based on the eb (Brown) allele. This same allele is also used for the partridge coloring in many breeds.
Now for sexing them, sometimes you can tell by the tail length ( but we don't know the breed here). Best to wait till one starts crowing...or until they are feathered out completely. When the neck feathers ( hackle) grown in...if the ends of the hackle feathers are round, it is a pullet. If they are pointed, it is a cockerel. If you can't keep a cockerel where you live, post it for free on Craigslist. Often folk are looking for a flock guardian for their flock. I think these chicks are going to be really pretty when they grow up.

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