Breed of white chicken?


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Aug 29, 2019
Does anyone have any idea what breed of white chicken these are? I got them from a “random pullet” box at Rural King, so it can’t be too exotic. Also, they have huge feet, so I’m a little wary of the “pullet” distinction. Thanks for your thoughts!
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Also, what’s the giveaway (so I don’t do that again)?

Thick legs are the tell. Even as day old chicks there legs and feet are thicker when compared to other chick breeds.
If they are girls, eggs will be few and far between, the wont be able to get up on roosts or leap up in nest boxes. They are basically grounded.
When they are chicks it is hard to tell. As they get older they are large and brick shaped. They likely won't lay eggs and they would do best if you butchered them when they are big enough.
actually if you get them as chicks and make em go out with a free ranging flock they do start laying between 9-12 month but don't usually make it past a year and a half but they were a lot healthier as it slows groth down a bit and meat was even better than if they were just on their meat bird feed, on average she layed 3-5 eggs a week

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