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    Can Rhode island reds and Production reds come from the same hatch? I bought 6 RIRs from a breeder in SE TX. Now that they are about 24+- wks old three of them look like production reds (and are laying) and three look like RIRs and are not laying.
    pic 1 RIR?
    Pic 2 PR?
    Pic 3 PR on left- RIR on right?
    What do yall think?
    ETA pics
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  2. punky rooster

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    Jul 21, 2010
    Get them from a hatchery, or a breeder that got from one, they're pretty much the same thing.
    True R.I Reds are very dark in color, and "brick" in type, much different than what you'd find from a hatchery.
    My P Reds are really good, I like them a lot.
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  3. KDK1

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    Can anybody answer this? I really would like to know!
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    Wow that's the first good comparison photo I've seen of Production Red vs Rhode Island Red [​IMG] You should let them continue growing and take some more comparison photos a few months down the road [​IMG]

    But, on subject, I don't think so. . . . Sure, you can get some birds not quite fitting to the SOP and some very nice, but not THAT far apart. In the same breeding of heritage type Reds you really shouldn't get some contrast. I think someone mixed up the eggs and has two different flocks.
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    Jul 21, 2010
    Quote:I agree, and I Love the head on the girl in the last pic.

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