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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by GardenGirl, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Hey everyone! I am looking at expanding my little flock this spring. I am getting in on an order with a few other people so it is easy to get 4 or 6 more of another breed. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on which breed would be best. (I have a feeling y'all do [​IMG] ) I currently have 2 mutt roos with 3 red star hens. I was looking for a mid-weight bird that can withstand the cold winters. We hit -3 this year at night. I would like a relatively reliable layer that may lay through winter, or atleast a few times a week in winter. My sex-links gave me an egg a day, except for a few days in the bitter cold, and I like the reliability, but I kinda want to expand the look of my flock as well. I would need a docile breed to tolerate my 2 1/2 yo like the ones we have. We have a RIR that the neighbor had to house with his Dominique because she beat the snot outta my little red stars. She refused to coop with them and slept outside all summer and fall. So, I don't want to have that problem, so I guess RIR are out. Like I said, I'd like a different look as well. Thanks for any ideas!!
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    Jan 26, 2007
    ISA browns.
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    Well, I'm a newbie but here is my experience so far (we get cold here too); I love my Ameraucanas - yes they are hatchery birds and have the wrong color legs - but they have fun personalities, lay well and are very cold and heat tolerant. My two red stars beat the poop out of everybody and had to be re-homed (different strains I guess) My black Austolorp is adding a nice color difference in my flock and is very sweet. So far my RIR's are nice but I am watching them closely - no more meanies at my house! I am adding to my flock and intend to add a whilte egg layer so I can tell who is laying and who is not (still debating what breed as you are)
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    Breed does not have as much to do with temperament as you might think. Lets say 2 different people are breeding RIRs. One for show an the other for production. The one breeding for production will cull for lack of eggs first an looks second, not worrying about temperament. The one breeding for show will cull the birds that don't look right then the ones that wont let them handle them. Even if they started with the same birds by the 3ed generation there would be a marked difference in temperament.

    So if you think about it, most production birds(RIR, BR, an Leghorns) will be less friendly an show birds(cochins an silkies) will be more friendly. But its more about the breeder an less about the breed.

    Also weather there hand raised or not makes a huge difference.
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    I thought about the Black Austolorp and the Americana/EE. The different colored eggs seem like fun. I plan on raising them in the house in the wash room area to protect them from the cat. He's already been beaten up by that same RIR so is more learey of chickens in general. [​IMG] I plan on involving my DS so he can feel comfortable around them and they will feel less threatned by them as well. We did this with the 2 roo's who are brothers. The black and white one we own is very sweet. The red is more protective and better keep his feathered butt in line if he wants to remain here.
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    as always...I suggest OEGB!!! just cuz [​IMG]
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    I asked this same question several days ago and got some great answers. I want cold-hardy, friendly "pet" clucks that are good layers - and like you I wanted a mixture of colors for lawn ornamentation purposes. My choice is Black Australorps, Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, and RIRs. Wish I could get more, but I can only have a few hens in the city....wah.

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