Breed suggestions?


11 Years
Mar 23, 2008
Bailey, Mississippi.
Well, I have been contemplating adding more rare breeds to my yard eventually. But, I suppose my standards are a bit high and I'm not even sure what all birds may fill this category.

I'm primarily looking for a bird that still has broody instinct intact, is not commonly seen (show stock wise, hatchery does not count), possibly a little flightiness allowed but preferably non-flighty, breeds that do not have an over abundance of feathering (I.e. No long tails or feathered feet) and they must be a breed that resides within the United States. That is really about it, interested in hearing answers. There are breeds besides the ones I keep now I thought about, but most appear to be a non-broody breed (Red cap, some say Orloff, etc) and as a result I have thought about passing over them.

God bless,
What about large or bantam Speckled Sussex?
Truthfully, I hadn't given the Sussex much thought. Didn't really think of them as a rare breed, but with some searching it appears they are said to be. I might look into them some more. Still looking for more breed names though! :)

Thanks for your comment.

God bless,

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