Breed??? Surprise chick


Jul 10, 2020
This is a 13-week-old surprise chick we are so confused on what breed it is....does anyone have a guess?
She is small compared to the rest of the flock and kind of docile.
She has really dark black legs and really dark face and black crest and completely black body.
I hope everyone had a blessed holiday and also wish everyone a safe new year


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Ayam Cemani are all black. We just got one this summer as a chick.
Any chance you have photos of your black ones?? I looked at Murray McMurray and I do not see any ayam cemani...
Sumatra is the all black chicken they sell
Sumatras are supposed to have pea combs, and I think that bird has a single comb.

Other possible black chicken breeds (that do have single combs):
Andalusian (sold as blue, but some are actually black)
Jersey Giant
Black Star sexlink (usually has some red in the breast)
White Faced Black Spanish (the white face shows up after they are older)
Langshan (has feathered feet, so probably not)
Cochin (feathered feet and very fluffy, so probably not)

None of those are "supposed to" have dark combs & skin, but some individuals do anyway, so it might be one or another of them. I think the Minorca or Andalusian are more likely than the others.

Of course it could be something else yet. These are all the options I've found so far on McMurray's website, but maybe they're starting to breed Ayam Cemani, and are sending them out as surprise chicks but not yet listing them for sale? Because I do think Ayam Cemani is the most likely, based on the bird's appearance.
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