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    Aug 11, 2012
    So these guys were TSC Bantams.. (Ideal poultry) I figured the black roo is a Black Rosecomb. But Im wondering about the pair I have. (breed and color) as well as the color our polish would be considered. Pictures below...

    [​IMG] My pretty black rosecomb

    [​IMG]OE? but he has blue(ish) ear lobes and slate legs...

    [​IMG] also with the blue(ish) lobes and slate legs...

    [​IMG] Our pretty polish girl, but what color would she be considered?
  2. Basskids08

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    1- looks to be a black rose comb, a fancy breed, I'm surprised TSC had them
    2- looks mixed with American game
    3- looks like a blue legged hen
    4- looks kinda like mille fleur

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